Improvements and Benefits for system administrators

The upcoming release of Weblook Mail brings several exciting features and changes that will greatly benefit domain administrators. Here's a summary of the key improvements:

01. Understand User Behavior:

Domain administrators will have a granular view of user activity and behavior. The new User Connections and User Statuses pages provide information about how users are connecting to their accounts and what actions they are performing. This helps diagnose and resolve user issues effectively.

02. You can Block Authentication by Country

Domain administrators can add an extra layer of security by blocking authentication attempts from entire countries. This helps prevent unauthorized access and brute force login attempts to user accounts.

03. Simplified Accounts Area

The addition of User Connections and User Statuses allows for a clean and simplified Accounts page for domain administrators. It displays pertinent information such as user enablement status, last login, overall disk usage, and the protocol used for the last login. This streamlines user management and troubleshooting.

04. Expanded Message Archive Search

Domain administrators can search the message archive based on specific rules created for their domain. A description can now be added to the search, making it easier to name and identify searches. Search history is also stored indefinitely, eliminating the need to repeat searches and facilitating message organization.

05. External Sender Notifications

Domain administrators can customize a cautionary message to be displayed at the top of emails from external sources, alerting users to exercise caution with links and attachments. Additionally, administrators can choose to append [EXTERNAL SENDER] to the message subject. These notifications help prevent users from falling victim to malicious emails and reduce the workload for domain administrators.

06. Sender Verification Shield

Users will see a shield icon next to each sender's name in webmail. Mousing over the icon displays a small window indicating whether the sender is verified or potentially suspect based on various checks like SPF, DKIM, DMARC, Trusted Senders, and Contacts. This feature enhances user awareness and aids in avoiding interaction with suspicious emails.

07. Expanded Sharing

The release introduces expanded resource sharing for domain administrators. Alongside conference rooms, domain administrators can now create shared resources for equipment like projectors and meeting room devices. Public Folders are also introduced, allowing domain administrators to view, manage, and create shared calendars, notes, tasks, and contacts that can be accessed and synced across desktop and mobile clients.

08. eM Client Partnership

Weblook Mail has partnered with eM Client to simplify the setup process for users. When users start eM Client, they only need to input their Weblook Mail email address and password, and eM Client will automatically detect and set up their account. This partnership provides users with a feature-rich experience comparable to Outlook and Exchange without requiring any manual configuration from domain administrators.